“Governor's Cup"- REYN AUDIO and ACME Deserve It!

Guangdong is one of the origins of industrial design in China. In 2008, with the approval of the Guangdong Provincial Government, the Guangdong Industrial Design Competition was officially named the “Governor's Cup”, which is also the first time that the Industrial Design Competition and Industrial Design Awards have been awarded the title of "Governor's Cup". This activity is a pioneering initiative in China, reflecting the high priority attached to the industrial design by the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.

In 2018, the ninth "Governor's Cup" was held! Many companies in the province participated this competition actively. REYN AUDIO and ACME also sent REYN AUDIO "Audio Performance Integration System" and ACME professional stage lighting “Four in one omnipotent king " as representatives to participate in this competition.

After several months of fierce competition, December 1st finally ushered in the award ceremony of the 9th "Governor's Cup" Industrial Design Competition!

Congratulations on ACME's “Four in one omnipotent king "and REYN AUDIO "Audio Performance Integration System", won the "Outstanding Award of the 9th "Governor's Cup" Industrial Design Competition", meanwhile, REYN AUDIO "Audio performance integration system” also won the third prize of the comprehensive category product group!

From November 30th to December 2nd, both of them participated in the "Ninth Guangdong Industrial Design Exhibition" which hosted by the Organizing Committee of the Competition at Guangzhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center to showcase their charm to experts and citizens.

Everyone must be very curious, what is the “Four in one omnipotent king " and "Audio Performance Integration System"? Now, let us proudly introduce to you briefly:

ACME “Four in one omnipotent king " is ACME 2018's new product XA-1000 BSWF. This high-end LED computer moving head combines four functions of beam, wash, spot and framing. It is suitable for all kinds of large-scale stage performances and evening parties, Concerts, outdoor performances, etc., it is the all-inclusive and versatile fixture in the professional performance market.

REYN AUDIO "Audio Performance Integration System" is a powerful synthesis device composed of RL1 line array speaker system and M1 amplifier integrated cabinet. It is equipped with high-tech functions such as laser positioning and treble horn board. It saves manpower and time during installation and commissioning, and is waterproof and dustproof to work outdoors all day, help the sound engineer to improve the work efficiency.

Now, both of them have won the 9th "Governor's Cup” awards, indicates ACME “Four in one omnipotent king " and REYN AUDIO "Audio Performance Integration System" is deserved!

REYN AUDIO and ACME will closely surrounding the development needs of the new era of manufacturing, promoting the integration of manufacturing and design, and striving to get the new achievements.