Exhibition Name: DEMO PROSOUND VIETNAM 2019

Date:22nd-23rd Mar ,2019

Place: Stadium of the 7th military district in ho chi minh, Vietnam


In recent years, the Southeast Asian market has become so popular that brands from all over the world are piling up in the Southeast Asian market. To this end, the first DEMO PROSOUND VIETNAM audio promotion conference was held in 2017 on a non-profit platform organized by local agents providing professional audio and video equipment and services in ho chi minh, Vietnam.


This promotion meeting brings together the world's well-known professional audio and lighting brands, aiming to let local people and the global audience understand the top products and technologies in the field of professional audio and lighting and video, and improve professional knowledge and accomplishment. Now DEMO PROSOUND VIETNAM has become the largest platform for the display of top professional audio system in Vietnam.


The third DEMO PROSOUND VIETNAM audio promotion conference was held for two days at 22H stadium of the 7th military region in ho chi minh city, VIETNAM from 22nd-23rd Mar ,2019. It is expected to attract about 12,000 visitors.


At the same time, the event also attracted more than 40 brands gathered in ho chi minh, REYN AUDIO and 11 other brands were invited to the speaker array demonstration. REYN AUDIO sent RL1, RL1 SUB, RL0.5, RL0.5 SUB,RL SUB121C, line array speaker system and ultra-low speaker box, equipped with laser positioning treble horn plate and other high-tech functions. It can save manpower and time in the process of installation and debugging, and it is waterproof and dustproof which can work in the open air all day long ,let the sound division play to the extreme, and make the staff have the highest work efficiency.


The design concept of REYN AUDIO is carried out in accordance with international high standards, from research and development, testing, production to use, are extremely demanding quality performance. The unparalleled reliability of its sound combines innovative new technology to produce a powerful sound output with a wide and even coverage.


Over the course of two days, ACME, which is also owned by REYN AUDIO, sent more than 300 professional stage lamps and lanterns such as xp-16r BSW III to cooperate with each other, and dazzling and colorful light beams radiated passion in the venue. Together with the high quality music from REYN AUDIO, the audience could not help but gather from all sides of the stadium to the stage and stop at our booth to listen and enjoy.


The high-quality sound equipment, REYN AUDIO together with ACME's high-quality professional stage lamps and lanterns, make the sound and light present perfectly at the same time, and initiate the brand-new sound and light revolution together.

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