"ROCK STAR" Blows the Horn for Second Half of 2019 in Hangzhou

Rock is not just music,

It is an attitude,

A belief,

A kind of persistence


Wu Bai,the rock godfather of Taiwan, is a representative of the rock, known as a rock-and-roll poet and KING OF LIVE. He is also the lead singer and guitarist of CHINA BLUE a rock band that has been founded for 27 years.


This year's new ROCK STAR concert tour,Wu Bai CHINA BLUE band reopens your vision and cognition of rock and roll.


Wu Bai & CHINA BLUE debuted its new ROCK STAR 2019 tour at the Huang Long sports center gymnasium in Hangzhou in 25th May, 2019. The concert was full of people and the atmosphere was very warm.


27 years of rock and roll experiences, Wu Bai's music from the beginning has its own classic, and each creative album style is different. Spanning several creative albums, the Hangzhou concert offers a glimpse of Wu Bai's bold style shifts from period to period.

His creation always had the power to occupy the soul, and his music has the magic of changing the space, coupled with the extraordinary sound system, which is designed to bring shock to the audience.


2019 ROCK STAR in Hangzhou specially selected professional audio brand-REYN AUDIO, offering 44pcs RL1, 24pcs RL1 SUB, 12pcs RL0.5, 1pc RL0.5 SUB and 12pcs M600 for the whole site.The sound effects are superb.

A total of 93pcs REYN AUDIO equipment perfectly cooperate with the performance of Wu Bai & CHINA BLUE, just to create the most exciting atmosphere and bring the most enjoyable music experience to the fans.


These lyrics and stories are transformed into moving musical notes, which are played out by REYN AUDIO, touching the audience's inner softness.


It is a concert that shocked the hardcore fans of Wu Bai, and it is the classic scene that hard rock fans must collect. Here are not only gorgeous stages and perfect REYN AUDIO, but also KING OF LIVE releasing infinite vitality.

Let us release with full audience to sing together, sing every song you love, and salute to the king with your shout, salute to your youth.


Let’s follow KING OF LIVE

and become ROCK STAR


---------------- THE END --------------