Reyn Audio & Tibet Spread the Sports Spirit Jointly

The 12th Sport Games of Tibet Autonomous Region and the 4th National Traditional Sports Games is a large-scale sport competitions which carried out in the snowy plateau. It is the integration of mass sports, competitive sports and traditional sports, also the largest sports event with the largest number of projects & participants in Tibet's history. The sport events with unique national characteristics.

On the evening of July 22nd, the cultural and sports center of Lhasa City was brightly and lively. Along with the theme song "Let the Dream Fly" of this Games and the large-scale cultural and sports performance "Eendeavor To New Age", the Games kicked off.

Through the multimedia technology, it fully demonstrated the great achievements of various social undertakings during the 40 years reform and opening up in Tibet, also demonstrated the development and progress of Tibet's sports undertakings. Expressing the confidence and determination of the Tibetan people to work together and strive to be "the homeland guardian & builder".

With strong music & warm applause of audiences, when the white Hada, which carrying more than 3 million Tibetan people’s grateful to the motherland, was dedicated to the high-flying flag of the People’s Republic of China in the stadium, all audiences cheered and pushed the opening ceremony to the climax once again.

To support the national fitness campaign, Reyn Audio provided 48pcs RL1 and 32pcs RL1 SUB sound equipment for this Games, helping the sports development in the 12th National Games of Tibet Autonomous Region. The excellent and stable performance of Reyn Audio equipment carry forward the admirable culture of Chinese nation, transmit the spirit of harmonious, happy and national fitness.

This is not only a great event for sports competitions, but also a grand gathering of exhibitions, exchanges and solidarity in all regions. It will inject new impetus & vitality into the sports development and promote the long-term development and stability in Tibet Autonomous Region.