2018 Chengdu Strawberry Music Festival

Strawberry music festival is a whole new music label from Modern Sky after "The modern sky music festival", it is also a music festival brand that was founded in 2009. Comparing with “The modern sky music festival”, the strawberry music festival is more diversified, and filling with the characteristics of spring, romance & love.

Strawberry is not only a kind of fruit, but also an attitude of life. It represents the full enjoyment of music and life, brings us a festival that belongs to spring, and also is new definition of entertainment. This coincides with the concept of Reyn Audio, which also releases the positive energy concept of the new age and new power to go forward bravely without regretting their youth.

Strawberry music festival held from May 19th to 20th, 2018 in Chengdu, with fans from all over the country gathered in Chengdu international intangible cultural heritage Museum Park and left a beautiful and unforgettable memory of youth!

The show setting up by five big stages: Strawberry stage, Dance stage, MDSD stage, MSE stage, YoungBlood plan stage. It covers rock, pop, folk, rap, backswing, electronic and other music styles.

Top team list: Li Zhi, Zuoxiao Zuzhou, Wen Que, Cao Fang , The Album Leaf, The Bilinda Butchers and other famous musicians. At the same time, Wu Qi, Sha NanJie and other original singers set off a stage challenge. Moreover, internationally renowned musician and artist Chen guanxi appeared finally. This show bring us a wonderful performance, let the music festival to be fantastic!

Strawberry will be 10 years old soon, such a strong guest lineup, how can lack professional audio entertainment equipment to show the passion of the festival? Reyn Audio acted as an important role in the music festival. Total 16 pcs RL1 line array loudspeaker systems, 12 pcs RL1SUB heavy bass loudspeaker systems and 1pcs M600 full-frequency speakers were deployed.

Reyn Audio RL1 chamber adopts modularization design, excellent remote projected and fax, collocation efficiency with general formula RL1SUB overweight bass speaker system; make the line array gain perfect acoustics. Combined with the M600 full frequency speaker, it ensures a really strong and powerful bass regeneration. The heavy and deep dynamic sound deeply made you enjoyful.

In the eyes of music fans, youth, passion and surging have been well interpreted by Reyn Audio.

The youth never say goodbye, please look forward to the grand 10th anniversary of the strawberry music festival in next year with Reyn Audio~