REYN AUDIO and ACME Are With You to Have Fun in Taipei and Look Forward to 2021

The much-anticipated Taipei 101 New Year's Eve Countdown Party was successfully held on December 31, 2020. This New Year's Eve party was organized and executed by B’IN LIVE Co., Ltd.

The 2020 epidemic hit the world hard, and many people's lives have changed as a result, and the distance between people has become alienated. Under this circumstance, people need each other's company most. Therefore, the theme concept of " Taipei New Year's Eve Countdown Party" is set as "Fun in Taipei with You", hoping that the New Year's Eve can connect the image of the city with the emotions of Taipei people.

In order to better interpret the stage effect and present different stage scenes,

Nearly 400 pcs ACME brand Glory Profile, Glory Wash, Saber, Tour Pixel Bar, Mega Strobe 5000 RGB stage were selected.

Coupled with a strong star line up, combined with innovative lighting and stage design, the atmosphere of the entire live performance is pushed to a climax again and again, Icing on the cake for the whole New Year’s Eve.

And this New Year's Eve party also specially selected REYN AUDIO brand RL1, RL1 SUB, RL0.5 audio equipment.

The maximum average sound pressure level is 112.8dB, and the direct sound pressure level is more than 110dB.

The following are the sound field analysis data during design before installing the audio equipment:

The reason of choosing the REYN AUDIO Brand is that REYN AUDIO speaker products have accumulated rich technical experience and cabinet manufacturing. The speaker unit is imported and customized, and the production process is checked at various levels, and we always insist on continuous exploration in the speaker manufacturing process. Co-developing customized high-quality speaker units with internationally renowned unit manufacturers.

REYN AUDIO pays attention to listening to the opinions and feedback from customers, absorbs the technology of the world's top brand speakers in the production process, continuously upgrades iteratively, and innovates the production process.

Under the clever combination of ACME professional stage lighting and REYN AUDIO high-quality audio, a wonderful audio-visual feast was presented to the audience!

Every December, the Taipei City Government organizes a series of New Year's Eve activities with the surrounding business districts in Xinyi District. This is also to allow more people to experience the diverse urban landscape of Taipei, hoping to show the spirit of the city of Taipei and better develop the city brand. And the countdown of each year will be accompanied by the Taipei 101 New Year’s show.

This New Year’s Eve party also attracted many people to the scene and countdown to welcome the new year.With the ACME’s professional stage lighting and REYN AUDIO’s high quality audio equipment, and with the performance of each stage, it refreshed the imagination of technical empowerment, and undoubtedly created an unforgettable and classic Taipei 2021 New Year’s EVE event!


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Special thanks: B’IN LIVE Co., Ltd.

Image Credit: B’IN LIVE Co., Ltd. and the Web

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