Futuristic Sense of Space, TOMLIVE in Shenzhen

TOMLIVE Club which located in the Shimudi, Chegongmiao, Futian District, Shenzhen City, called Tuomanlai Club in Chinese. The location of TOMLIVE Bar is in the first floor of Crown Technology Park in Chegongmiao which is excellent geographical location, and with wide business area of 3,000 square meters.

TOMLIVE, it is a newborn Night Club, according to the understanding of it, this club did not make big publicity on the Internet, but became a Gathering place of large number of 90s and 95s Youngers because of its own temperament of art and low profile

The interior decoration of club is with the themed elements of space futuristic style, and let each client to really feel the futuristic sense of space, and at the same time, TOMLIVE Bar incorporates more sci-fi layouts, visual impact and a more amazing listening experience. Infused with a sense of technology and entertainment, which is different from traditional entertainment mode. Clear inner diamond corner designed style, and the streamlined light source, as if you are in the space capsule of the universe

The club invites domestic and foreign guest and Stars to come for a live performance. Each weekend will have different style party, TOMLIVE Club use Reyn audio speaker equipment, there are 12 pcs RL1 speakers, 14pcs RS221 High performance ultra-low speaker, 28pcs RS218 ultra-low speaker, 23PCS RA15 all frequency speakers, 6pcs X4 Amplifiers, 6pcs QX4(DSP) Amplifiers, 28pcs A2300 Amplifiers, and 9pcs CA-863T E power timing device, for satisfy the pursuit of fashion of modern people.

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