Fixed Installation Project: Ballroom in Exhibition International Hotel Dongguan

Exhibition International Hotel Dongguan is located in the Exhibition North Road New City Business Center District. The excellent location which is closed to the Dongguan Avenue and next to Exhibition International Hotel Dongguan. Facing to the new administrative center, central square and exhibition hall, it is in the most concentrated business center. Its elegant and complete surroundings and advanced service facilities are the first choice for business traveler.

The hotel is equipped with a dance hall, business center, beauty salon and massage center, indoor swimming pool, billiards, table tennis and shopping malls. It is an international advanced level, with luxury large-scale platinum five-star hotel.

In addition, the banquet hall uses audios from the brand Reyn Audio, the application products are: RL0.5 line array , including 12pcs speaker, 2pcs RL0.5 subwoofer, 1pc A2300 power amplifier, 5pcs QX4 DSP, 2pcs CA-863T, and so on.

The Reyn Audio has finished the fixed installation of the equipment at the hotel, and product configuration is extremely high. At present, the banquet hall has been put into normal used.

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