A Disco House Hidden in the Depths! Go Exploring the Mysterious with Reynaudio

In today's era of electronic music, how to combine mainstream electronic music and its own charm is a breakthrough! There is a music space hidden in the depths of Lingyin Road in Hangzhou.

PRINCE is committed to providing the best music experience to everyone in the spirit of entertainment.

Under the condition of many large CLUBs with noisy, PRINCE provides a solid hardware foundation for immersive party space in both the construction of the venue and the direction of audio equipment and lighting.

The biggest advantage of PRINCE is that everyone can interact at close range. The dance floor can be any place, whether it is an interactive non-player character or a stranger who doesn't know each other, you can enjoy the live music pleasure together.

The venue is equipped with Reynaudio equipment, 2 units of full-range box series RX15, 7 units of RX12 and 2units of power amplifier system QX4.

The music combined with live lighting. You will not feel alone there. Energetic and courageous, without constrained, this is PRINCE in Hangzhou!

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