Reynaudio,Explore a New Ways of Nightlife in Dalian with You

M2 CLUB was soft opening in Dalian for nearly a month and finally officially opened in September 2019. It is located in Donggang Venice Water City, Gangpu Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian City, where with a superior geographical position.

In these days, M2 CLUB has became the craziest place in Dalian!The most fun audition party guests , gorgeous lights and wanton enthusiasm of people,it is heard that most of the wine has been sold out of stock at the first day. What popular it is!

At here you can feel the artistic combination of light and shadow.You can enjoy the carnival with the crowd,step on the hard deck, hold the bar, and drink with your friends.Indulge, right now...

Such a hight scene,how can be separated from the high-quality speakers on the spot.M2 CLUB chose the Reynaudio speaker with full frequency series 5set RX212, 16set RX15, high-performance ultra-low series 3set RS221, 15set RS121, high-efficiency ultra-low series 2set RS218, power amplifier series 5set QX4, 7set A2300, POWERSOFT Brand 2set X4.

The new age is coming, M2 CLUB injects love and vitality into dalian, we walk on the melody and enjoy the night.From HARDSTYLE to Dubstep, It's all the rhythm that ravers love.

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