Please Check One Love Letter from ReynAudio and Dr.Oscar


Dali is a thousand-year-old capital, there are more such paintings in Chinese as “Xiaguan—Wind, Shangguan—Flower, Cangshan—Snow, Erhai—Moon”. A city that can make life into a poem naturally attracts the attention of master of play.


Dr.Oscar combines modern entertainment elements with the classic symbols of the stage, reorganizing them in a theater-like space with the art of sound and optoelectronics, creating a new experience without having to define the style of master of play, Dr.Oscar is the symbol of play!.




As the last singer of the music delivery process, Reyn Audio successfully played a role of a good auditor in the most in the live performances of Jay Chou’s strongest surface tour, LIFE IN COLOR and Vietnam’s “Green Star TOUCH THE MUSIC”(Heineken Green Room) and so on. Dali Dr.Oscar chose ReynAudio 8pcs dual 12 line array speaker RL1, 4pcs full frequency speaker RX212, 4pcs ultra low speaker double 21 inch, 10pcs double 18 inch, 11pcs power amplifier system A2300 and 7pcs QX4.


Dual 12 line array speaker RL1 drawing

We are looking forward to what kind of chemistry would happen on the masters of play, the city of literary art and ReynAudio.

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Hello Dali

Hello ReynAudio


The nation’s first theater-style NIGHT CLUB

Will be opened at this thousand-year-old city.

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