'Different Me’ By Liu Zhe In Dongguan Shock Hit, Achieving Your Youthful Dream With Reyn Audio

Liu Zhe, a popular singer, music producer and screenwriter in Chinese music. His fans are all over the world, regardless of age. He has participated in nearly 100 performances and held 12 personal LIVE music concerts. He is the most powerful and popular king of Chinese music!


On the evening of August 24th, 2019, "Different me" national tour concert by Liu Zhe - Dongguan station was held in the center stadium. The magical magnetic field and the sad voice make the fans return to the era of youthful love.

The feeling of being hurt by love in Liu’s lyrics makes many people show empathy. The song ‘Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, it’s my fault’ is especially classical. The notes with copied lyrics are no longer there. The teenagers who have listened to the songs have grown up. Every song is sung for our youth and a dream about youth.

Cool dance, three-dimensional illusion of light, colorful animation, the ultimate audio equipment, it is full of passion under the shocking atmosphere.

The 2019 Liu Zhe’s concert in Dongguan specially selected the professional audio brand REYN AUDIO, which provided the first-class overall sound effect for the whole venue.


REYN AUDIO equipment perfectly matches the performance of Liu Zhe, only to create a cool and shocking atmosphere, to bring unique experience to fans!


Professional singers are not only equipped with first-class audio equipment, but also professional sound engineer on-site mode, so that fans can enjoy the closest, most shocking audio-visual effects.

These lyrics and stories are transformed into moving musical notes, which are played out by REYN AUDIO, touching the audience's inner softness.

Different vision

Different hearing

Different youth

A date that belongs to our youth

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