Functional overview

CA-880T, an 8-channels sequence controller, is able to turn on/off output power successively according to the program set time.
The Master/slave control mode can be pre setting.., up to 16 devices can be set online simultaneously. The master machine can monitors and manages the slave machine status.Alarm information will be send out by the master machine once the slave machine found disconnected or making any change. This controller particularly applies to power switches for controlling audio equipment, the power supply that turns on/off various equipment in due order, preventing damages to the equipment.. Additionally, this controller also applies to big shows where a lot power supplies need to be turned on/off manually, controlling power supply switches conveniently and orderly.
Power Controller is a high-performance and high-quality equipment specially designed for power control. The panel has timing master switch, 8-way manual control press-twist and LED status indication. It can control the on-off of each power supply separately. Each power supply output has over-current and over-voltage protection. It can be used in conference engineering, projection engineering and audio engineering to supply multiple equipment. Electricity provides the perfect solution.


  • Equipped with single phase 80A-NFB, providing overcurrent and short circuit protection
  • Wired control with XLR signal cables, capable of connecting maximum 16 devices
  • LED real-time display with 2% accuracy
  • 8 channels control mode
  • Interval time: 1 step/second
  • Timing sequence, independent buttons for every channel
  • Alarm triggered if exceeds set voltage 20V, set power supply voltage as 110V/220V
  • Chassis’s grounding resistance is less then10Ω
  • With 2U (19 inches) standard Size for installation
  • EMC Filtering: Second-order(π shape) filter

Technical & Specification

Electric and Physical parameter

  • Power input:AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, single phase power input
  • Power output:8 channels output, 10A for each and 80A in total max limit
  • Total power:19KVA(max)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)mm :440x88x424mm
  • Weight:7.1Kg