Functional overview

Amplifier series
QX4, TD class technology, Integrating efficient TD technology and modular design , can effectively reduce the fluctuation of output power supply, thus maintaining stable output, suitable for 230V、115V:170-265V/80-135V power supply voltage, hot swappable, and with the protection of short circuit, DC fault, overheating, overload & over-limit, it is suitable for touring performance and fixed installation venues.

Material & Structure:

  • The brand and model names are engraved by laser technology for longlife usage
  • Stylish & tempered glass display
  • Extruded Aluminum front panel with special treatment, anti-scratch and avoid color fading
  • Easy removing the front panel for quick cleaning the dust filter (foam)
  • Hot swappable amplifier module
  • Neutrik connectors
  • Input voltage:230V or 110V 50/60HZ


  • 1. Core TD Technology Power Module
  • 2. Install/Remove dust filter quickly
  • 3. Stylish front panel and well-equipped LED indicating
  • 4. Multi-function selectable :sensitivities, powerout and modes
  • 5. All input/output connectors imported from original "Neutrik ® "
  • 6. Quick Install/Remove front panel
  • 7. Main switching power capability up to 10KW
  • 8. High Efficiency Special Copper Radiator
  • 9. Tiny power amplifier modules, special stacking up strucrure, to form the advanced and efficient cooling structural system
  • 10. Three high - speed inported fans, Fan speed varies according to complete machine temperature, extending the machine life and smaller noise of the fans
  • 11. Supporting hot swappable power amplifier module

Technical & Specification

System data

  • Maximum output current per channel:38A
  • Output voltage peak value per channel:150V
  • Total driven output peak value for all channels:10000W
  • Default sensitivity & VPL:35dB, VPL:150V

Loudspeaker data

  • 16 ohms stereo power:660W
  • 8 ohms stereo power:1300W
  • 4 ohms stereo power:2100W
  • 2 ohms stereo power:2500W
  • 8 ohms bridged power:4200W
  • 4 ohms bridged power:5000W
  • Channel quantity:4
  • Total harmonic distortion at 20Hz-20kHz 1W:<0.1%
  • Total harmonic distortion below 1 kHz and 1dB:<0.05%
  • Signal to noise ratio:>112dBA
  • Distraction between channels(channel separation)at 1kHz:>70dB
  • Frequency range(8 ohms):6.8Hz-34kHz
  • Input impedance:20KOhm
  • Input common mode resistance (CMR):>45dB
  • Output impedance at 100Hz:56mOhm
  • Output power slew rate at 8ohms:20V/µS
  • VPL selectable per channel(V):150,121,101,83,70,56,47,38V
  • VPL selectable when bridged(V):300,242,202,166,140,112,94,76V
  • Switch for voltage peak limiter mode per channel:Hard/soft
  • Input sensitivity(all channels):Rear panel -DIP switch selectable 23,26,29,32,35,38,41,44dB
  • Default gain:35dB
  • Input connectors per channel: Balance XLR type
  • Output connectors per channel: Speakon® Female contact
  • Bridged mode :When A+B,C+D bridged , A and C as main input source
  • Cooling type:Variable speed fan forced cooling system
  • Signal indication : Imp ,-20dB, -15dB, -10dB & -4dB ,VPL
  • Channel funtion:
  • Voltage peak limiter(VPL)
  • Current peak limiter(CPL)
  • Very high frequency(VHF)
  • Over temperature auto Mute
  • Operating voltage, 230V/115V rating:170-265V/80-135V
  • Minimum power supply starting voltage230V/115V:175V/85V
  • Power average limiter(PAL):Yes
  • Soft start/Surge current:Maximum soft start/surge current is 5A
  • Mains connector:powerCON 20A

Dimensions / weight

  • Dimensions(WxHxD): 445x88.8x425mm
  • Net Weight : 13.2Kg