Functional overview

12U, Amplifier Cabinet,suitable for all kinds of activity centers, gymnasiums, theatres, guild halls and touring performances.


  • 12U Amplifier Cabinet integrates the power amplifier processors into a system control cabinet.
  • The Amplifier Cabinet consists of 6 units Powersoft X4 amplifiers, 2 units switches with 12 connectors and 1 unit 3 phase power distributor, which is lightweight, compact, efficient and convenient for transportation and storage.
  • Powersoft X4 comes from Italy, adapted to single-phase, dual-phase and three-phase power supply, operating voltage from 85VAC to 440VAC; Included power factor correction (PFC); Through "Delay setting", the input delay time can be up to 2 seconds and each output can reach 200 milliseconds; It support Dante™ dual backup stream constructure; Moreover, WIFI remote management is available through the user-defined interface in the smartphones and tablets .
  • The interior includes all-weather duct design, power amplifier plus processor, and three-phase power supply rectifier distributor.
  • The bottom with 4pcs pulleys, convenient for transpotation, the back panel of the cabinet can be quickly opened to repair the fault power amplifier.
  • Special module design, solid aluminium alloy fast suspension design and birch box tightly fastened into a perfect composition.
  • The shell is specially made of high-grade PU wear-resistant paint, which is waterproof, moisture-proof, sun-proof and collision-proof, available in all-weather application, convenient for outdoor tours.

Technical & Specification

System data

  • Input signal index:
    • An analog signal channel corresponds to all amplifiers INPUT A;
    • An AES signaling channel connects all amplifiers AES INPUT A/B through the AES distributor;
    • A CAT6 line connects to an amplifier through a switchboard.

Loudspeaker data

  • Power amplifier model: X4 (Imported from Italy Powersoft)
  • Power amplifier quantity:6 Units
  • Output signal cable quantity:12pcs (each cable with 4channels)
  • Output signal index:1+/1- LF1 / 2+/2- LF2 3+/3- MF / 4+/4- HF
  • Input signal cable quantity:One analog signal channel, one AES signal channel and one CAT6 network line (transmitting control signals and DANTE signals)
  • Cabinet IP level:IP66

Dimensions / weight

  • Cabinet paintwork material:Black PU abrasive-resistant paint
  • Product dimension(WxHxD)mm:851*577*946mm
  • Net Weight: 170.5KG
    • Inner case 122 KG (six units amplifier+power supply)
    • Outer case 45KG (Housing-cover + Housing-base)
    • Anti-collision bag 3.5KG