Company Profile

Reyn Audio, an integrated audio brand, is a set of research, manufacture, sales of speakers and speaker facilities. With industry-leading expertise, rich experience in development, consummate production system, Reyn Audio not only provided the first-class audio equipment for tour concerts of famous singers such as Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Rene Liu, Sodagreen, Show Lo, A Mei, Mayday, but also created high-quality audio projects for Taiwan Little Dome Gymnasium, municipal buildings as 101 buildings, and commercial buildings.The manufacturing base-Foshan ACME Tec. Holdings Limited Company, built-up area over 100000 square meters. Equipped with standardized modern plant and high standard office building, the manufacturing base has built up two laboratories whose land area up to 1000 square meters.  

Established in Taiwan
100 acres
standardized modern plant
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Enterprise culture

Brand Concept

The leading brand in the sound industry

Professional team with quality

Reyn Audio focus on team structure and team skills and professional development, recruit Professional and technical personnel from abroad, and invest a lot of resources on the training of professional and technical personnel, and constantly improve our technical team's professionalism and quality of service.Reyn Audio continues to innovate with aim to create high-performance, high standards and high cost-effective new products. The company brings in a number of high-tech techniques to break the traditional limitations of audio production and optimize the entire PA system. The most advanced speakers from abroad are widely used in the linear array; in 2013 Reyn Audio's hot-swappable patent in the professional audio industry is successfully obtained, and smoothly applied into the Qx4 amp. Soon the Qx4 was introduced to the international market and well received by the markets.

Product globalization

Reyn Audio products cover a wide variety of areas, such as meeting rooms, function rooms, bars, dance halls, discos, nightclubs, city hall, hotel, concerts, etc. With excellent quality, superior performance, Reyn Audio has been the favorite of the professional users for their sound reinforcement projects.


——Reyn Audio is committed to creating leading brands of acoustic field, create the optimal sound system solutions for the industry.

——Reyn Audio innovation, strive for excellence, based on market and customer-oriented, cutting-edge technology with the industry's most extraordinary quality into every product in, creating a pack of quality products.

——Reyn Audio attention to personnel training and Team-building with high quality, caring and efficient service to win the trust of our customers.

Enterprise environment

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