Functional overview

Specialized design for fixed installation - High efficiency subwoofer with band-pass.
RS118 is a high efficiency subwoofer with band-pass, specially for stacking installation, suitable for all kinds of activity centers, bars, conference rooms, KTV, high-end clubs and performance halls. Inside the box is an 18-inch long stroke/4.5-inch (116mm) voice coil with a waterproof paper tray and three-ring folding drive unit. making the maximum sound pressure reach 131.3 dB. The shell is made of high density birch board, and the surface is sprayed with impact-resistant black PU wear-resistant waterproof paint. It can be fixed in high-end clubs and performance halls, also available for outdoor tours. The connection is more convenient with standard SPEAKON NL4-MP connectors. This subwoofer which elaborated by REYN AUDIO has excellent performance in complementary sound and extended frequency band, can effectively improve the dynamic and impact of sound and achieve super-normal level performance; its omnidirectional decentralized design allows it to create various symmetrical and asymmetrical directional working modes, perfectly matching the design of sound field in various activity sites.


  • RS118 is a reflective subwoofer, the concept of design adheres to the highest standard of sound, its excellent transient response and low frequency dynamic response to ensure a real and powerful bass regeneration.
  • The subwoofer use the B&C units which imported from Italy, ensures quality stability and conforms to all kinds of quality.
  • The frequency ranges from 30 Hz to 100 Hz, there is a 21-inch long stroke / 4.5 inch (116 mm) voice coil with a waterproof paper tray and three-ring driving unit. Each driving unit can achieve 1700 watts rated power, the design of 18-inch unit provides maximum output while minimizing power compression and distortion.
  • Adpots fashionable beveled edges and corners design, applied to a high-density birch board with high level polyurea wear resistant paint. It has very good waterproof, moistureproof, sun - proof and collision - resistant functions, available for outdoor tour. With special-shaped reinforcement, the design of large porous holes can protect the unit and meanwhile the resistance to air flow is very small, with strong penetrating force, can reduce the noise of turbulent air for the greater part, and in the case of large sound pressure, the vibration of the iron mesh will not produce abnormal sound.
  • It can be placed horizontally or vertically on the ground, convenient to use in different occasions. Such as all kinds of activity centers, theatres, clubs, DISCO PUB, music clubs, performance halls, music bars, high-end KTV, nightclubs, etc.
  • Combined with REYN AUDIO RX15/RX14/RX12/RA15/RA14/RA12, can create better sound field effect and display the music style and the integrity of system .

Technical & Specification

System data

  • Frequency range:30Hz-100Hz,-3dB
  • Maximum output sound pressure level :131.3dB
  • Sensitivity (1W/1m): 96dB

Loudspeaker data

  • Rated power:1700W
  • Program power:3400W
  • Nominal impedance:8Ω
  • Unit dimension:18″(4.5″Voice Coil)
  • Connection index:NL4-MP 1+/1-(SUB)
  • Connectors:4-points Speakon®

Dimensions / weight

  • Finish material:Black PU resistant paint
  • Cabinet dimension(WxHxD): 706x540x741mm
  • Net Weight : 50Kg