Functional overview

Flyable high power subwoofer
FS215 is a kind of flyable high power subwoofer, can cooperate with RL1 or RL212 line array loudspeaker, can reach 30 Hz LF limit, yields exceptional tonal balance homogeneity for long throw, reducing need for stacked subwoofer, which suitable for large-scale concert, outdoor performance, club, etc.

It can be stacked on the ground or rig with RL1 or RL212 line array loudspeaker. It also can be rigged by itself separately. The cabinet is designed with bass reflection and can accommodate two 15-inch long-stroke driver, provides exceptional impact, high sensitivity and reduced distortion. Various designs help the voice of FS215 get spreading, allow the maximum sound pressure to reach 140.3 dB.

The box body is made of high-density birch board, the front side is equipped with hard wire mesh and black PCP (polyurea cabinet protection) paint finish. It has the function of anti-impact and anti-weather. The unit is supported in the middle of the box by a high precision metal material and metal parts, so that the box can be reliably protected.

The installation design of hanging or stacking in the positive and negative directions forms a heart-shaped directivity, which can not only enhance the volume of the audience area, but also offset the subwoofer impact to the performers in the stage area. Speaker NLT4 M connectors are installed on the front and back of the speaker to facilitate the connection of signal cables.

This subwoofer which elaborated by REYN AUDIO has excellent performance in extended frequency band. The reflecting hole design is resulting in dramatic reduction of port noise, can maximized improve the dynamic and impact of sound and achieve an exceptional level of performance; its directional decentralized & cabinet design allows it to create various symmetrical and asymmetrical directional working modes, perfectly matching the design of sound field in various activity sites.


  • The FS215 is a flyable high power subwoofer, which is driven by high-performance 15 inch neodymium magnetic bass unit.
  • It features outstanding transient response and excellent low-frequency dynamic response, ensuring a real and powerful bass regeneration, and the dynamic sound of overweight and low-lying will move you deeply.
  • The concept of design adheres to the highest standard of sound and meets all kinds of quality tests.
  • Used in clubs, large-scale & outdoor performances, low frequency quality and excellent operational reliability are the most suitable choices.
  • Rectangular appearance modeling convenient array combination, and the configuration of solid aluminum alloy fast hanging design, convenient fast installation and suspension also can be used on the stacking mode. The birch box specially adopts advanced spraying PU wear resistant waterproof paint, moistureproof, sun proof, easy to use outdoor tour, standard SPEAKON NL4-MP connector is more convenient to use.
  • With REYN AUDIO's perfect high performance professional expander series, a good push ability matches the style and system integrity of the music on any occasion.

Technical & Specification

System data

  • Frequency range:35Hz-150Hz(-3dB)
  • Maximum output sound pressure level :140.3dB
  • Sensitivity:96dB

Loudspeaker data

  • Rated power(AES):3400W
  • Program power:6800W
  • Nominal impedance:4Ω
  • Unit dimension:15″(4.5″Voice Coil)
  • Connection index:NL4-MP 1+/1-(SUB);2+/2-(Link)
  • Connectors:2x 4-points Speakon®

Dimensions / weight

  • Finish material:Black PU resistant paint
  • Cabinet dimension(WxHxD): 1137x437x555mm
  • Net Weight : 71 Kg