Functional overview

Up to 12 RL214 speakers can be suspended in a vertical column. The RL214 speakers are acoustically designed with an external (active) divider for low and medium frequencies and a built-in (passive) divider for medium and high frequencies. The RL24 speakers are fully symmetrical. The double 14 "neodymium magnetic low frequency unit adopts bipolar symmetrical arrangement and is located on both sides. In the middle are the intermediate frequency and high frequency units mounted in coaxial mode. The acoustic structure adopts the most advanced B&C customized medium and high frequency coaxial driver with large dynamic efficiency and high power B&C customized 14 inch bass driver. The mid-to-high coaxial driver uses 4-inch mid-voice coil and 2.5-inch voice coil treble compression units. The coaxial assembly not only allows low-frequency reproduction of the extended MF, but also ensures perfect off-axis coherence, which is very good for off-axis response and dynamic margin of the system. A 110° constant directional distribution pattern is generated on the horizontal plane. Linear high frequency plane wave generator, high frequency long distance projection can be strong, with strong penetration, with 2*14 inch bass unit, provide extended low frequency reproduction, with excellent long distance projection strength and fax degree, highlight the natural voice, low and medium strength full and powerful, more popular. This unique axisymmetric acoustic design provides the most detailed and even audio performance. The whole speaker has extremely high long-range projection strength and faxing degree and can maintain accurate characteristics in the frequency range of 46 Hz to 18 kHz. 3 point hanging mode, compact and light. Solid stainless steel and high strength aluminum alloy material can be made into prefabricated Angle rapid hanging design and the box body closely into a perfect composition, the opening Angle range between the box body can be adjusted from 0° 1°2°3°4°5°6°7°8°, the box body is specially made of the whole birch wood and advanced polyurea wear-resistant paint coating, With very good waterproof, moistureproof, sun resistance, collision resistance function, easy to use for long-term performance. The front panel features a rigid metal grille, the back features sound permeable waterproof fabric, each side panel is designed with ergonomic handles, and the rear provides additional handles. This line array loudspeaker system is suitable for all kinds of activity centers, gymnasiums, theaters, halls, with QS218,RS221 low weight will support the use of larger places.


  • Bandwidth: 45Hz-18KHz
  • Max SPL:
    • LF: 139.5dB
    • MF: 138.7dB
    • HF: 137.5dB
  • Transducers:
    • LF : 2x14"
    • MF:1x4" HF : 1x2.5"
  • Net Weight: 60 Kg
  • Directivity: H110 ° V8°
  • Directivity:
    • H110°
    • V8°

Technical & Specification

System data

  • Frequency range: 46Hz-18KHz(-3dB)
  • Maximum output sound pressure level(SPL): LF: 139.5dB;MF: 138.7dB; HF: 137.5dB
  • Sensitivity(1W/1m): LF: 99dB; MF: 112.3dB; HF: 113.5db

Loudspeaker data

  • AES power: LF: 1400W; MF: 110W; HF: 80W
  • Program power: LF: 2800W; MF: 220W; HF: 160W
  • Nominal impedance: LF: 8ohm; MF: 8ohm; HF: 8ohm
  • Driver:
    • LF driver: 2x14"neodymium
    • MHF driver: MF:1x4" HF: 1x2.5" neodymium
  • Acoustical load:
    • LF: bass-reflex
    • MHF: waveguide,horn
  • Connection index: 1+/1- (LF);2+/2- (MHF)
  • Nominal directivity (-6 dB):
    • Horizontal: 110°
    • Vertical: dependent upon the number of elements and the line source curvature

Dimensions / weight

  • Connectors: 2x 4-points Speakon®
  • Rigging and handling: 0°1°2°3°4°5°6°7°8°
  • Rigging components: High quality stainless steel and high strength aluminum alloy materials with special outdoor baking paint
  • Finish material: Coated steel grill ,Black PU abrasive-resistant paint
  • IP: IP54
  • Cabinet dimension(WxHxD): 1024 x 439 x 651 mm
  • Article number: 12320400207137