Functional overview

High-quality loudspeaker:
RL0.5 is a line array loudspeaker system, can cooperate with RL0.5SUB subwoofer in a performance, suitable for all kinds of activity centers, bodies Stadium, theatre, guild hall, DISCO PUB and concert tours. It can be stacked on the ground or hoisted in any direction, it also can be hoisted separately or hoisted in the array of two cabinets. RL0.5 adopts modular design, the high tone in the medium and high tone form module with 3 inch metal diaphragm, linear high frequency plane wave loudspeaker, good at high frequency long-range projection, with penetrating force, combined with high efficiency 2*8 inch bass unit, bring it an excellent long-range projection and high fidelity, which will deeply impress you. The box body is made of high-density birch board, the front side is equipped with hard wire mesh and black PCP (polyurea cabinet protection) paint finish. It has the function of anti-impact and anti-weather. The unit is supported in the middle of the box by a high precision metal material and metal parts, so that the box can be reliably protected. It is equipped with hangers which can be installed horizontally and vertically at multiple angles. It also has rigging which can be supported and suspended at a single point. The connection panel on the back side is embedded and with Speakon NL8-MP connector.


  • The RL0.5 is a two tone frequency division loudspeaker system, without built-in passive voice divider, and uses active digital DSP processor as a voice and equalizing control.
  • High frequency 3 inch metal vibration film, 90 degree H/7.5 degree V conduction direction, linear high frequency plane wave transmitter, high frequency remote projection can be strong and penetrating, with high efficiency double 8 inch medium and low sound unit, with excellent remote projection and fax degree, will move you deeply.
  • Special trapezoidal box design, solid aluminum alloy quick hanging design and birch box close to perfect structure, convenient for quick installation and suspension.
  • The box is specially applied to the high level polyurea wear resistant paint. It has very good waterproof, moistureproof, sun - proof and collision - resistant functions, so it is easy to use in outdoor tour.
  • This line array loudspeaker system is suitable for all kinds of activity centers, gymnasiums, theaters, Guildhall, DISCO PUB and touring mobile performances.
  • This line array loudspeaker system can be used in conjunction with the dedicated suspension frame to facilitate the rapid suspension construction and greatly improve the work efficiency.
  • Choose to buy the RL0.5 SUB super bass and use it as a three tone frequency division system. Another match with Sub121C's overweight and low weight will support the use of larger field.
  • Internal B&C unit and Thailand P.A unit are adopted internally to ensure the quality stability of Italy.

Technical & Specification

System data

  • Frequency range:70Hz-18KHz(-3dB)
  • Maximum output sound pressure level : LF/134.5dB; HF/134.9dB
  • Sensitivity(1W/1m): LF/102.5dB;HF/108.5dB

Loudspeaker data

  • Rated power(AES):LF/400W;HF/110W
  • Program power( 3 dB greater than the Nominal rating):LF/800W;HF/220W
  • Nominal impedance: LF/16Ω;HF/16Ω
  • LF unit:2x8"(2" Voice Coil)
  • HF unit:1x3"(Compression driver )
  • Horizontal spreading angle:100°(-6dB)
  • Vertical: Dependent upon number of elements and line source curvature
  • Connection index :+1/-1(Link),+2/-2(Link) +3/-3(LF),+4/-4(HF)
  • Connectors:2 x Neutrik NL-8MPR

Dimensions / weight

  • Finish material:Black PU abrasive-resistant paint
  • Cabinet dimension(WxHxD)mm: 747*241*508mm
  • Net Weight : 28 Kg