SUB 118C

SUB 118C

Functional overview

Specialized design for fixed installation - High efficiency subwoofer with band-pass.
SUB 118C is a high efficiency subwoofer with band-pass, specially for stacking installation, suitable for all kinds of activity centers, bars, conference rooms, KTV, highclass clubs and performance halls. The cabinet is powered by an 18-inch carbon fibre basin neodymium magnetic bass unit with built-in bass reflex design, making the maximum sound pressure reach 134 dB. The shell is made of high density birch board, and the surface is sprayed with impact-resistant black PU wear-resistant waterproof paint. It can be fixed in highclass clubs and performance halls, also available for outdoor tours. The connection is more convenient with standard SPEAKON NL4-MP connectors. This subwoofer which elaborated by REYN AUDIO has excellent performance in complementary sound and extended frequency band, can effectively improve the dynamic and impact of sound and achieve super-normal level performance; its omnidirectional decentralized design allows it to create various symmetrical and asymmetrical directional working modes, perfectly matching the design of sound field in various activity sites.


  • SUB 118C is a high efficiency subwoofer with band-pass, which is driven by a high-performance 18 inch carbon fiber basin neodymium magnetic bass unit.
  • It features excellent low-frequency dynamic responses, ensuring a real and powerful bass regeneration, and the dynamic sound of the subwoofer will impress you deeply.
  • The concept of design conforms to various quality tests and adheres to the highest standard of sound.
  • Fixed installation in highclass clubs and performance rooms, low frequency quality and excellent operational reliability are the most ideal choices.
  • The birch box specially adopts advanced spraying PU wearproof waterproof paint, moistureproof, sun proof, available for outdoor tour performance, with standard SPEAKON NL4-MP connector makes it more convenient to operate.
  • With REYN AUDIO perfect high performance professional expander series, creates a good push ability matches the style and system integrity of the music on any occasion.

Technical & Specification

System data

  • Frequency range:32Hz-120Hz,-3dB
  • Maximum output sound pressure level :134dB
  • Sensitivity(1W/1m):98dB

Loudspeaker data

  • Rated power(AES):1000W
  • Program power:2000W
  • Nominal impedance:8Ω
  • Speaker dimension:18"(5"Voice Coil)
  • Connection index:NL4-MP:1+/1-(SUB),2+/2-(Link)
  • Connectors:2x 4-points Speakon®

Dimensions / weight

  • Finish material:Black PU abrasive-resistant paint
  • Cabinet dimension(WxHxD)mm: 650x646x751mm
  • Net Weight : 66.5Kg