Functional overview

Sound source
M600P is a top-level two tones stage monitor system. It adopts a coaxial 15" bass unit with a 3" tweeter unit and a lightweight neodymium magnetic driver can provide a more stable resonance magnetic field for the voice coil. The unique horn has a constant directional dispersion of 40° x 60° (H x V). It can accurately define the coverage area on the stage. The internal frequency divider is produced by the XPP capacitor of Bennik's factory, which effectively improves the sound permeability and efficiency. It can also be used with REYN AUDIO subwoofer, such as SUB118C series to achieve wider sound field effect. The shell is made of high density birch board, the surface is sprayed with impact-resistant black PU abrasion-resistant paint. It is equipped with embedded hidden handles to facilitate quick installation and handling. M600P is suitable for entertainment venues, such as various activity centers, conference halls, multi-functional theatres, PUB, nightclubs, and as a stage monitoring system.


  • M600P is a 15 inch coaxial two tones stage monitor system, built-in 2-channel amplifier, the bass channel is 600W, the tweeter channel is 180W.
  • High frequency uses 3 inch metal diaphragm, it's clear & bright, with optimized efficiency bass unit, create excellent projection intensity and fidelity.
  • With special arc-shaped design, strong combination structure, convenient for fast installation and handling.
  • The shell is made of high grade spray PU wear-resistant paint, which is waterproof, moisture-proof, light resistant and resistant to collision.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of recreation centers, conference rooms, multi-functional theatres, PUB, night clubs and other entertainment venues, and use as a stage monitoring system.
  • In addition to installation of standard hanging parts, there are holes of metal horn rack at the bottomto meet the needs of different locations.
  • Combined with REYN AUDIO SUB118C series subwoofer, can get a wider & better sound field effect.
  • The DSP in M600P has a 96KHz high sampling frequency, contains the latest FIR frequency dividing filter and has eight preset storage functions. No fan design with full voltage.
  • M600P can create stereo sound, its sound is real and clear. It can flexibly switch the audio input to microphone direct input, which has excellent effect on human voice and on-site sound reinforcement of musical instruments.

Technical & Specification

System data

  • Frequency range:50Hz-18kHz,-3dB
  • Maximum output sound pressure level /(power limit) :LF/131dB ; HF/132dB
  • Sensitivity(1W/1m):LF/99dB ; HF/107dB

Loudspeaker data

  • Rated power(AES):LF/400W;HF/80W
  • Program power:LF/800W;HF/160W
  • Nominal impedance:8Ω
  • LF unit: 15"(3"Voice Coil)
  • HF unit: 3" (Compression driver )
  • Horizontal spreading angle: 40°
  • Vertical spreading angle: 60°
  • Power amplifier:Low.CH/600W; Hi.CH/180W
  • Automatic voltage selection:AC100-240V, 50/60HZ
  • DSP filter:FIR or IIR frequency crossover filter
  • DSP pre storage:8 program pre-stored settings
  • DSP control:RS485 communication
  • Audio connector:Balance-XLR type input and /link-output
  • AC power outlet:2X powerCON
  • Mode selection:Microphone input or audio LINE-input

Dimensions / weight

  • Finish material:Black PU abrasive-resistant paint
  • Cabinet dimension(WxHxD)mm:588x367x441mm
  • Net Weight : 24Kg