REYN AUDIO Work with BEYOND and ZERO BAND Salute to Chinese Rock and Roll

Rock and roll is the memory of the 1990s, during the past 30 years, Chinese rock and roll has been moving forward in frustrations and twists. Some people have been holding their love for rock and roll and are determined to embark on a dream-pursuing journey.

On December 8, Panlong Stadium in Wenshan City, Yunnan Province, ushered in a thrilling concert of inspirational Golden Songs of Chinese rock and roll for 30 years.

This concert is specially planned to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of Wenshan Prefecture. It is the largest and most professional star concert in the history of Wenshan. It aims to enrich the cultural and entertainment life of the people, and convey the positive energy of unity, cooperation and vigor through music.

This concert not only commemorates the 30th anniversary of rock and roll, but also pays tribute to those musicians who devote themselves to this area. We have invited Huang Jiaqiang, the leading singer of the famous rock and roll band BEYOND and the Zero Band, to bring a rock and roll music concert to Wenshan.

Starting in 1989, the Zero Band has got many records, such as the most champion singles, the highest sales and the largest fan support. It can be regarded as the most representative pop rock band in the mainland. It has been appraised by the media as the "living fossil in the history of Chinese pop music development".

The Chinese popular rock band BEYOND, has been founded for 35 years, has created the era of "non-love songs" in the Chinese music circle and is the memory of a generation.

As time goes by, when familiar songs are spread out from audio, will suddenly feel that those years of rock and roll are not far away.

Faced with such classic songs & bands, the organizer specially chose REYN AUDIO professional audio equipment, which also represents the classic.

The 48 RL1, 24 RL1 SUB, 12 M600 and 12 RL0.5 produced by REYN AUDIO create excellent music quality. The songs of rock Godfather with strong appeal and shock spread to every corner of Panlong Stadium through REYN AUDIO Audio equipment, bringing you a real and pure carnival!

The venue is full of audience. REYN AUDIO and thousands of people witnessed the brilliance of rock and roll in the past 30 years. The exciting melody of every classical song has injected a strong spirit of inspiration, full of philosophy of life, inspiring us to make unremitting efforts for our dreams.

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