Reyn Audio, Using the “Voice” as the Medium, Guides the Call from Deep Heart.

The half year of 2020 has passed quietly. Although her start was not perfect and had a great impact on our lives, time flies and life goes on. At the important turning point of the year, REYN AUDIO has selected some representative cases from recent years to get a feel for the exhilarating music experience online.
In the following days, the exciting sound effects of REYN AUDIO will accompany you to finish the arduous task of the second half year and look forward to the future, firmly believing that it will be a new era for the entertainment.
The Invincible X Carnival World Tour

The unique singing voice of the King is better achieved through the classical AUDIO equipment of REYN AUDIO. It greatly reduces distortion and maintains the original sound effect, thus adding expressiveness to the work. Fans are trapped in the voice of the King, and together with fans all over the world, they create memories that are hard to replace.

REYN AUDIO Equipment list (Carnival World Tour):
RL1   RL1SUB   RL0.5 SUB
RL0.5   M600    Powersoft X4
12U 和 16U 

"Mr. Entertainment" brings the most incisive rock storm

REYN AUDIO, as the professional audio equipment, tries its best to cooperate with “Mr. Entertainment” free switching of melancholy and wild domineering, brings unprecedented LIVE energy, to create a visual and auditory shock experience. It presents the original audio-visual feast and makes the LIVE fans excited.

REYN AUDIO Classical sound equipment list:
RL1   RL0.5  RL1SUB   M1   M1S


The lyrics and stories of Wu Bai & CHINA BLUE were transformed into touching and melodious notes and Spread through the interpretation of first-class sound effect of REYN AUDIO, touching the soft in the deep heart of the audience word by word, and creating the most passionate scene atmosphere.


REYN AUDIO Classical sound equipment list:
RL1   RL1SUB   RL0.5   RL0.5SUB  M600


World Police Games Joy and Glory Concert

The 18th "World Police Games” were located in Asia for the first time and held in China, REYN AUDIO made preparations for the preheating World Police Games Joy and Glory Concert. The clear sound that shocks the soul runs through the whole sports center, making this audio-visual feast with both joy and glory perfect interpretation, cheering for the warm-up.

REYN AUDIO Classical sound equipment list:

Angela Chang's Fable World Tour

Under the beautiful lightings, the queen Angela Zhang perfectly interprets the music in the form of singing through REYN AUDIO, leading the audience to open the door of their “Feble World and creating a magnificent stage of mixing pop and art.

REYN AUDIO Classical sound equipment list:
RL1   RL1SUB  RL0.5   SUB121C   M600

Chengde Longcheng International Circus Grand Theatre

Chengde Longcheng International Circus Grand Theatre, a world-class and high-end theatre, built by spending 100 million yuan-- is the first large-scale circus theater in North China with a global real-life stage.

The music spread from REYN AUDIO classic audio equipment, which has super high quality, spread in the nearly 10,000 square meters circus theater, the overall sound quality clear and not harsh, very in line with the children’s viewing conditions.

REYN AUDIO Classical sound equipment list:
RL1   RL1SUB  M600   QX4   CA-863T

Reyn Audio, using the “voice” as the medium, guides the call from deep heart.
Holding the same mission and dream with you, we are going hand in hand.

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