REYN AUDIO and HUAWEI Leap to Extraordinary

After the global debut on Oct 22nd, HUAWEI Mate40 series Chinese version also came.

On Oct 30th, the "2020 HUAWEI annual flagship new product launch ceremony" with the theme of "leap to extraordinary" was held in Shanghai Oriental sports center, and the much-anticipated Chinese version of Mate40 series was officially unveiled.

The Oriental Sports Center is located by the beautiful Huangpu River in Shanghai. It covers an area of 34.75 hectares and has a construction area of 188,000 square meters. It is one of the landmark buildings in the new decade of Shanghai and also a brand new center for national fitness, major events, sports training and sports exchanges.

In HUAWEI's latest Mate40 series phones, Mate means partner in Chinese. In the eight years since the first Mate was introduced in 2013, Mate has successfully become a high-end mobile phone and is actually becoming a good friend in everyone's life.

As one of HUAWEI’s Mate in this press conference, REYN AUDIO played an important role in deploying RL0.5 line array loudspeaker system, RL1 SUB high-performance ultra-low speaker box, M600 high-performance two-frequency stage backfeed loudspeaker system, QX4 power amplifier, Powersoft X4 four-channel power amplifier platform and other classic AUDIO equipment.

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RL0.5 line array loudspeaker system

RL1 SUB high performance ultra low speaker

M600 high performance binary frequency stage returbo system

QX4 amplifiers

Over the clear and loud sound of high-quality REYN AUDIO, HUAWEI’s consumer business CEO, Mr. Yu Chengdong, announced a series of new products.

Poplar in the desert
A thousand years of life without death
Death never lasts a thousand years
A thousand years of immortality
Eight years and ten generations Mate
HUAWEI is in trouble because of its invincible "Hu Yang spirit"
Still created the Mate40 series
This flagship model exceeded user expectations

At the end of the event, Huawei paid tribute to The spirit of Hu Yang with a short film called "be together". REYN AUDIO also takes this opportunity to work with consumers and partners,go through the hard times together, go through the hard times together. Be together!

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